Creative inspiration is notoriously elusive. What we make with it is an experience for all your senses.

Unique locations, unrivaled efficiency, exceptional living.

Wherever our values are brought to life, living weaves its magic. Building futures is our guiding principle at Kalovida by developing unique properties for unique people.

We apply our flair for individuality and visual appeal to satisfy those who know exactly what they want and expect more from a home. Exclusive, luxurious, and inspiring, high quality, refined, and in prime locations.

A delicate combination of elegance and simplicity, a new outlook for you to discover.

Outshining norms – to make a difference, we offer difference:

  • Reliable premium property developer with a bold vision
  • Exclusive addresses in Bad Nauheim
  • Superior craftsmanship


Passion with a purpose.

The art is to assess each property subjectively. This gives rise to outstanding residential properties that bear our signature as well as their own.

Rafik Salib


Unique properties built for comfort and subtle sophistication.


Maisonette-Wohnungen in ehemaliger Klinik

23.11.20219 – Wetterauer Zeitung


There for you, in person.